Mobile Acquisitions - F.A.Q


Why Sell my app?

Your app might be making steady income, but by selling we accelerate your expected revenues and allow you to put your focus elsewhere. You cash out, and we put our experienced team to work. Usually, our team is able to optimize or extend the life of the app in ways an individual or smaller team could not.

What do we pay? 

Everyone wants to get to a number, we know ;) Unfortunately this is based on a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative factors, so we can't provide any number off-hand. In general, we care about the current performance of the app (ex: current daily active users), not what it's done in the past (ex: total historical downloads). Connect with an acquisitions specialist today to find out more on specific metrics we take into account.

How do I get an offer?

Connect up with one of our specialists who will ask a few questions to get a better sense of your app. Then, if we think it's a match, we'll ask for access to your analytics platforms to take a closer look at the data. NDA's are provided on request.

How does the transfer process work?

After an offer is accepted, we'll connect you up with an on-boarding specialist who will walk you through the process from final due diligence, to getting paid. Payments are sent through wire-transfer via an escrow account.