Ad Operations & Monetization

With constant changes in the Adtech industry, it's difficult to know which networks to use, and how to manage them. Let us do the work! Leveraging mass inventory, network relationships, and expertise, we're able to provide exceptional rates to help increase your CPM. With us, you effectively spread your inventory across the highest paying demand sources, and achieve your optimal rate.


Optimized Rates

We combine your impressions with our massive inventory to negotiate higher rates. In addition to our direct deals and network relationships, we monitor and adjust inventory allocation daily. This allows us to provide you a competitive flat rate that incorporates all potential increases.


Competition = Higher CPMs & Fill

We plug in up to 13 additional demand sources to increase competition in your waterfall. This drives up CPMs throughout your inventory without having to deal with each network individually. Your fill rate also increases, as more demand helps cover more impressions.


No SDK or Engineering

We integrate seamlessly with your mediation platform using javascript tags. No engineering work is required, and we provide clear instructions for a 10-15 minute setup.


Timely and Guaranteed Payments

While your inventory is optimized across many additional networks, you receive one fixed payment. We pride ourselves on always paying on time and for the correct amount. We also have specialists standing by to answer any concerns.


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User Acquisition

In today's crowded app market, it's difficult to stand out. Being fully optimized in the app store rankings has never been more important, and user acquisition costs continue to rise. Let our team of marketing experts layout a comprehensive plan to get your app noticed. Anyone can pay to acquire users, but we help you get more bang for your buck. 



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Product Consulting

You may be a great developer, marketer, or salesman, but perhaps you don't have time to actively manage and focus on the product. Our team has extensive experience building and updating apps that align with consumer needs. Connect with a product specialist today for our rates on project-based consulting.